By: Kiii Staff

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The display of the Confederate battle flag during the 2019 Buc Days Illuminated Night Parade continues to spark comments at Corpus Christi City Council.

Several supporters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans group and two members of the NAACP spoke to City Council Tuesday about the controversy.

“There’s been some misunderstanding about the use of the Confederate flag at the parade. However, all across the country, i want you to know that the sons of Confederate veterans are an organization that is for repairing and putting up new stones for all veterans. We put them up for Confederate veterans but all veterans. Our organization is not racist,” said John McAnnon, a supporter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The issue came to light during public comment when residents spoke both for and against the flag being displayed during city-sanctioned events such as Buc Days Parade by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

According to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, flying the Confederate flag is all about honoring the history of the south.

Those against showcasing the Confederate flag said it’s still too personal for many Americans whose families were impacted by the Civil War.

“Our issue is that the Confederacy way of life was predicated on the slave of African Americans. Even after the defeat of the Confederacy and the subsequent emancipation of slaves. African Americans were still victimized,” president of NAACP Terry Mills said.

City Council did not discuss the issue and announced no future discussion might be made.

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