By Sputnik News Staff

According to the Detroit Free Press, the ordnance dating back to the 1861-1865 American Civil War turned out to be 15 centimeters in diameter and weighed 3 kilograms. Although the US internal conflict ended over 150 years ago, dangerous items from the era continue to be unearthed.

An employee of the Kent County Recycling Center in the US city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, should get a hefty bonus as his sharp eyes saved the center and nearby buildings from destruction after someone attempted to recycle a live cannonball. The incident occurred on 19 May.

The center had received another delivery and employees were inspecting the contents on the sorting lines, separating paper, plastic and metal from the mass. One unnamed employee noticed an odd round metal object. The employee was about to let it continue its travel on the conveyor belt, when he suddenly reconsidered and pushed the stop button. He then alerted his fellow employees and contacted the boss, who in turn contacted the police and fire departments.

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