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NC Heritage PAC, a pro-Republican political fundraising organization ran by members of the North Carolina division of Sons of Confederate Veterans, is under investigation by the North Carolina Board of Elections.

According to a report by, the Board of Elections believes N.C. SCV is running Heritage PAC in violation of their own tax-exempt status, and has been “funding it through a separate illegal scheme for years.” In a March 2019 email obtained by the publication, Bill Starnes, a lead officer for N.C. SCV, told his colleagues to use Heritage PAC to help those running in North Carolina.

“We have men there,” Starnes wrote. “We can immediately provide them with funds to get the right folks in office.”

The report says NC Board of Elections Investigator Matthew Martucci has gathered evidence from current and former member of the N.C. SCV that could be used to recommend charges against Starnes and others. Experts say those involved have committed multiple misdemeanors and at least one felony in their PAC activity. Those charges could be “recommended by Martucci’s investigation, though additional approval within the Board of Elections required for indictments.”

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