By Christian Lee | Alamo City Guards

Thomas Neville Waul was one of the delegates sent from Texas to Montgomery, Alabama to form what would become known as the Confederacy.

Early in life he was a teacher, lawyer and a judge in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Little did he know he would repel Ulysses S. Grant & the Union Army’s breech of Confederate lines during the final assault on the “Fortress City” just 30 years later.

Interesting fact; Contrary to popular belief, even as a staunch Confederate, Waul opposed the African Slave trade and fought to eliminate restrictions on the cotton industry.

Waul would go on to lead the largest fighting force assembled in Texas during the Mason/Dixon Feud. The Texas legions artillery battery was led by none other than our camp namesake, Captain William M. Edgar.

Thomas Neville Waul died in Hunt County, Texas, late July, 1903. He is buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas. He died the last of his bloodline. All we have left of his warrior spirit lives on through the Legends of the Texas Legion.


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