Christian Lee


I’m very eager to go to the Texas reunion. The first time I participated in the election process is still fresh in my mind. The color guard, the giant Dixie flag, the passion of the men running for office. Never would have thought I would be running for an officer position, it just wasn’t on my list of things to do. And now here we are. Our camps 1st Lieutenant Commander is running for the 3rd Lieutenant Commander position which will take Texas Division to a whole new level. His experience in web design, computer networking, graphic design, audio/video production, I could list the whole gambit but that would take forever and a day. If we want our organization to flourish, we have to have a standard. We need to hold these offices to the highest standard and only the outstandingly qualified should ever earn the nomination for such an important and distinguished position. I am praying the delegates of the Texas Division make the best choice, the obvious choice, the qualified choice.

Until next time,

“Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall”

Christian Lee
Camp Commander
Alamo City Guards 1325