By Jeff Bell |

The City of Georgetown has paused its brick program honoring war veterans, including those honoring Confederate soldiers, at the four coroners of the sidewalk around the Williamson County Courthouse.

According to KVUE’s media partners at the Austin American-Statesman, of the around 20 bricks that have recently been installed, nine honor Confederate soldiers and officials.

Williamson County commissioners are also in the process of forming a panel to study the history of the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument, erected in 1916 outside the Williamson County Courthouse, and will determine if and where it should be moved.

The memorial bricks were available for anyone to purchase for $50 through the Williamson County Historical Commission to honor any citizen or veteran.

According to the Statesman, all the bricks honoring Confederates are grouped together on a corner of the square at the intersection of Eight and South Main streets, separate from bricks honoring those from other wars.

“We conducted a background review of the Memorial Brick program due to recent concerns raised about certain bricks honoring Confederate soldiers,” a letter from City Manager David Morgan said. “We have discovered this program has been in place without a formal agreement for some time between the City of Georgetown and the Historical Commission.”

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