Edwin Walker


As we memorialize the Confederate dead and Ancestors who once walked here,
The essence of our southern pride;
The longing of the souls who never made it home;
Walking the path’s to honor our blood to honor our boys who had the courage to defend their home,
Gray is what they wore,
Gray is Predicament that we find ourselves in,
In Defense Of our Dixie Boys!
With the Joy of A heritage steeped in deeper roots of values that we hold dear;
Integrity, Honor, Service to Others, Selfless Pride, Authenticity, Courtesy
and Respect;
Deep in the hills we hear the echoes of the battles that once were fought,
now we fight these battles again, bloodless yet honorably to protect their final rest,
To defend what we have put in place to hold our memories in,
To honor those who sacrificed everything;
May the banners of our fallen forever fly;
May their names be purified in the public’s eyes,
And the Truth be spoken and taught once more in all the corners of the South and Beyond for Generations to Come!
Fear we must not,
because we are Fearless and Brave,
Like our ancestors before us we will protect what is dear to us;
And may their memory never fade,
the echoes never go silent;
Nor any forgotten
Pure as Cotton in the Land of Cotton
Cold and Clear like a Winter Morn
Dixieland I am proud to say
Will Rise Again
In Shining Glory
With Divine Blessings
Shimmering Shining like Gold
The majestic beauty of the South;
As untouchable as air
Yet as fluid and unstoppable as water
Tempered and forged in flame,
honed to the sharpest point to slice through even the thickest lies of the Yankees;
Dixieland forever!