By Christian Lee |

Initially reported by the Confederate Veteran founded San Antonio Express-News newspaper;

We learned the announcement made yesterday has paved the way for one of San Antonio’s largest employers to become one of San Antonio’s most beloved institutions.

The wage hike, totalling $15 million, applies to 1,800 employees who can also look forward to a reduction in medical plan premiums thanks in part to a $3.5 million dollar investment.

“We’ve increased vacation, paid time off, caregiver time and community service time off,” says Frost chairman and CEO Phil Green in the news release.

Such benevolence is not unheard-of for this 150+ year old company, for the timeless values of Thomas Claiborne Frost are integrated in the foundation which San Antonio is built upon. Frost Bank continues to do right by their Confederate founder by serving with integrity, honor and excellence.

“We’re an organization based on principles, sound principles that have been carried on by management in a very serious, successive way for almost 150 years now. And we’re still doing it.”

– Tom Frost (1927-2018) Great-Grandson of Thomas Claiborne Frost



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