By: JOSHUA ZITSER | Business Insider : Africa

A festival celebrating the Confederacy is celebrated annually in rural Sao Paulo in Brazil.

It’s held in a town where Confederate supporters fled after the Civil War and founded a slave-owning colony.A new municipal law on hate symbols could end the festival, per The Christian Science Monitor.

A new municipal law could mark the end of an annual celebration of the Confederacy in rural Sao Paulo, Brazil, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

Festa Confederada, or Confederate Festival, has been taking place in Santa Brbara d’Oeste for the past four decades, The Christian Science Monitor reported.

Thousands of defeated Confederates went into exile in Brazil, unwilling to abide by the Union’s victory and consequent emancipation of enslaved Black people, and set up a colony nearby Santa Brbara d’Oeste.

They bought hundreds of slaves who they forced to labor for them on cotton fields until 1888 when Brazil became the last nation in the Americas to ban slavery.

Now, on the site of a cemetery for the colony, the descendants of the American Confederates host an annual festival.

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