Lee’s War

RE stood alone on the barren wasteland that used to be the city of Lexington, VA. The once proud and powerful nation of the United States was now nothing but ruins and ash. The sky was gray and polluted; a constant reminder of the destruction that had been wrought upon the planet by the invading Sherminion forces. This is Lee’s War only countless centuries had passed.

As a clone of Robert E. Lee, RE had been imbued with the memories of the early and mid 19th century. He knew what it was like to face insurmountable odds, to fight for a cause that seemed lost, to endure the hardships of war and the struggles of Reconstruction. And he knew that the colonists in this faraway time were facing the same challenges as those who had fought in the real Lee’s war.

RE was the lone warrior, the one who had been genetically engineered to take on the invading army. But he knew he could not do it alone. He had to find allies, people who were willing to fight and die for their homes and families.

After his confrontation with Kane and his raiders, RE began to enlist young, green, undertrained colonists to his cause. He trained them in the art of war, teaching them how to fight, how to ride, and how to survive in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness.

Lee’s War | Act II

RE stood in front of his recruits, a group of young, frightened colonists who had never held a weapon of war before. They looked up at him with a mix of fear and awe, wondering how they could possibly defeat the alien invaders that had destroyed their world.

It would not be an easy task. The colonists were scared, confused, and traumatized by the alien invasion. But RE was patient and persistent. He knew that they had the same grit and determination as the soldiers who had fought in Lee’s War. They just needed someone to show them the way.

RE surveyed the group of young colonists before him, noting their nervous expressions and uncertain postures. He knew they had all suffered great losses and endured unimaginable trauma since the Sherminion invasion, but he believed that with proper training and guidance, they could become fierce fighters capable of defending their community.

“Alright, listen up,” RE said, projecting his voice so that all the recruits could hear. “I know you’re all scared, but that’s okay. Fear can be a powerful motivator, if you know how to use it.”

He walked around the group, making eye contact with each of them in turn. “You’re all here because you want to fight back against the Sherminion, to protect your families and your homes. And I’m here to help you do that.”

RE held up a weapon, a pike that reminded him of an Enfield rifle with a fixed bayonet that had seen better days. “This weapon may not look like much, but in the hands of a skilled fighter, it can be deadly. I’m going to teach you how to use it, how to attack accurately and move strategically, so that you can take down the enemy.”

He paused, looking out over the group. “But first, I need you to trust me. Trust that I know what I’m doing, and that I have your best interests at heart. Can you do that?”

There was a collective nod from the group, and RE smiled. “Good. Because the only way we’re going to win this fight is if we work together. And that starts with trust.”

With that, RE began the first of many grueling training sessions, pushing the recruits to their limits and beyond. But with each passing day, the colonists grew stronger, more skilled, and more confident in their abilities. And RE knew that they were on their way to becoming the formidable force that their community needed.

He began to teach them the basics of combat, showing them how to hold a weapon, how to perry, how to thrust. He drilled them on tactics and strategy, showing them how to outthink and outmaneuver the enemy.

At first, they were clumsy and awkward, fumbling with their weapons and stumbling over rocks and debris. But as the days went by, they began to improve. They started to work together as a team, communicating and coordinating their movements with precision and skill.

RE watched with pride as his recruits grew stronger and more confident with each passing day. They were no longer the scared, green colonists he had first met. They were warriors, ready to fight for their homes and families.

Lee’s War | Act III

As RE and his small band of fighters traveled across the desolate landscape, they encountered more and more survivors. Some were farmers and ranchers who had managed to eke out a living on the fringes of civilization. Others were scientists who had deserted their posts or escaped from alien prisons. And still others were ordinary people who had been forced to become raiders to protect and provide for their families and friends.

As RE and his group of fighters approached a group of survivors, they could hear shouting and arguing. As they got closer, they could see that the survivors were divided into two factions, each accusing the other of hoarding resources.

RE stepped forward and cleared his throat. “Excuse me, can I help?” he asked.

The survivors turned to him, eyeing him warily. “Who are you?” one of them asked.

“We’re survivors, just like you,” RE replied. “We’ve been fighting the Sherminion, and we need allies. But it seems like you all could use some help, too.”

The survivors looked at each other, considering RE’s words. Finally, one of them spoke up. “We’re just trying to survive. But it’s hard when everyone’s fighting over what little we have left.”

RE nodded. “I understand. But we can’t afford to fight each other. We have to band together if we want to have any chance against the Sherminion.”

The other faction muttered and grumbled, but eventually they agreed to a temporary truce. RE and his group helped the survivors divide their resources fairly, and they all shared a meal together. As they ate, they talked about their experiences and shared stories of loss and survival.

As the survivors were beginning to become more receptive, RE shared with them some exciting news. “We are with the Lexington Scientific Colony, and they are assisting us in our fight against the Sherminion,” he said.

The survivors looked at RE with surprise and hope. “How can they help us?” one of them asked.

“They have a wealth of resources, including weapons and technology, that could help us greatly in our fight,” RE replied. “But they need to know that we are united and committed to this cause.”

The survivors nodded in agreement, and RE continued. “I propose to facilitate a joint alliance with the Lexington Scientific Colony, where we can work together to protect our communities and resources. This would not only benefit us in our fight against the Sherminion but also in rebuilding this world.”

The survivors looked at each other, considering RE’s proposal. Finally, one of them spoke up. “We need to act quickly and work together to save ourselves from the Sherminion. If the Lexington Scientific Colony can help us, then we should join forces with them.”

The others nodded in agreement, and RE smiled. “Then it’s settled. I will work towards forming an alliance between the Lexington Scientific Colony and your settlement to help in our fight against the Sherminion.”

By the time they parted ways, they had formed a tentative alliance, united by a common goal of staying alive and fighting back against the Sherminion.

Together, they formed a ragtag army, a group of misfits and outcasts who had nothing left to lose but their lives. And when the day finally came for them to face the enemy for the first time, they were ready. They ambushed enemy patrols, raided supply convoys, and launched daring attacks on enemy strongholds. They moved with a practiced ease, their weapons at the ready, their eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of enemy reinforcements. RE’s soldiers fought the Sherminion with a ferocity and a passion that surprised even themselves.

“Remember this day,” he said, his voice ringing out across the battlefield. “Remember what you’re capable of. And never forget that you’re stronger together than you could ever be alone.”

Lee’s War | Conclusion

For RE, it was like fighting Lee’s War all over again. He felt a sense of purpose and meaning that he had never felt before. He knew that he was fighting for something bigger than himself, something that would outlast him and his comrades.

As RE watched his soldiers revel in victory after victory, he felt a surge of determination that he had never experienced before. He knew that he was facing an enemy unlike any other, but he also knew that he had the strength, the skill, and the courage to face them head-on. With each battle he fought, he felt himself growing stronger and more focused, his mind and body honed to a razor’s edge. He was no longer just fighting for a lone colony; he was fighting for humanity itself, for the future, and for a chance to build a new world out of the ashes of the old. And as he looked out at the horizon, he knew that whatever lay ahead, he was ready to face it with everything he had.

Robert E Lee | Lee’s War
By Christian Lee & Cody Crislip

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