Announcement Letter

Delegates of the Texas Division,

I am the owner of a small business called Small Hamster Hosting. And no, it is not a hamster hotel. This business focuses on website development and providing proper hosting solutions for every client’s needs. Over the past decade I have built websites spanning from restaurants, costume shops, sports and outdoor stores, and a non-profit San Antonio police officer’s organization.

Currently, I hold the title of 1st Lieutenant Commander of the Alamo City Guards Camp #1325, and webmaster for AlamoCityGuards.com, a feature rich platform that allows our camp members to have their own login details as well as access to a private social network. Our camp members know that they have a say in their website and whatever they need, they can get. For example, our newsletters are typically posted as a downloadable PDF, until a few camp members expressed they did not want to have to download the document. So, within a few days we have a new eBook reader that our members can use directly on our website. Conserving bandwidth costs on their phone bills while also conserving precious storage space on their phone. Got to make sure our members have space for all those Robert E. Lee photos, right?

I am the left-hand brain when it comes to the development of The Texian Dispatch Newsletter along with its Video Newsletters. I am also the director and production engineer for our television standard live lectures we broadcast on Facebook every first Thursday of the month. Our media is produced with professional industry standard equipment and software in my possession. We could utilize these tools and produce training videos for new commanders, officers, and adjutants, along with marketing and promotional materials.

As a business development manager, our camp has seen an increase in growth from all around the world. People have taken notice to what we do, which makes sense when brands I have managed have successfully reached a quarter of a million people a month.

With all this experience, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to establish myself within the Texas Divisions and set a new standard of excellence.

I am greatly appreciative of your time and trust. I hope that I have earned your vote for 3rd Lieutenant Commander.


Cody Crislip
1st Lieutenant Commander
Alamo City Guards #1325


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