Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor our Confederate ancestors who fought to defend their homes and families during the great conflict that has become known as “The American Civil War, 1861-1865”; to remember their struggles and sacrifices; and to ensure that their memory and the cause for which they fought are never forgotten.

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The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a non-profit 501(c)3 hereditary organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Confederate Veteran and his service in the War Between the States.
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Membership is open to male descendants of Confederate veterans age 12 years and older; we have a Cadet Program for those young men below age 12. Friends of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and/or the Alamo City Guards Camp may be male or female of any age, with or without Confederate ancestors.

The Confederate Soldier

The following chart shows losses of Confederate Armies by state. The Military populations include those residents between age 18 and 45 who were required to serve in the military. The losses include combat deaths, wounded who later died and losses to disease. It does not include those that were wounded and disabled for most of their lives. The percent of losses for Confederates was about 10%, for the Union 5%. These heroic soldiers are the reason that monuments were built years later to honor their sacrifices. As the author points out the Confederate forces were almost constantly engaged. Not so with the much larger Union forces.

“The severity of the losses among the Confederates, and the heroic persistency with which they would stand before the enemy’s musketry, becomes apparent in studying the official returns of various regiments.”

Regimental Losses in the Civil War

Deaths in Confederate Armies*

State Military Populations*-1861 Military Deaths
AL 99,967 1,466
AR 65,231 6,862
FL 15,739 2,346
GA 111,005 10,974
LA 83,456 6,545
MS 70,295 15,265
NC 115,369 40,275
SC 55,046 17,682
TN 159,353 6,414
TX 92,145 3,849
VA 196,587 14,794
TOTAL 126,472
US total losses in WWI** 116,708

* Regimental Losses by Lt Col William Fox, 1889, p 554.
** Wikipedia