Our mission is to honor our Confederate ancestors who fought to defend their homes and families during the great conflict that has become known as “The American Civil War, 1861-1865”; to remember their struggles and sacrifices; and to ensure that their memory and the cause for which they fought are never forgotten.

Membership is open to male descendants of Confederate veterans age 12 years and older; we have a Cadet Program for those young men below age 12. Friends of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and/or the Alamo City Guards Camp may be male or female of any age, with or without Confederate ancestors.


Christian Lee
Christian LeeCommander
Cody Crislip
Cody Crislip1st Lt. Commander
Robert May
Robert May2nd Lt. Commander
James Davenport
James DavenportAdjutant
Tom Crane
Tom CraneJudge Advocate
Kevin Knippa
Kevin KnippaChaplain
Robert May
Robert MayQuartermaster
Cody Crislip
Cody CrislipWebmaster
Christian Lee
Christian LeeComm. Officer
Christian Lee
Christian LeeNewsletter Editor
Edwin Walker
Edwin WalkerSurgeon

Our Confederate Family Connections

Revised: 04/23/2019