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In the Ruiz-Herrera Cemetery rest Tejano heroes. Jose Francisco Ruiz and Jose Navarro are the only 2 Tejano signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Francisco “Don Pancho” Ruiz who was Alcalde during the battle of the Alamo is buried there. The “Paul Revere of the Alamo,” Blas Herrera, and his family are buried there as well. Camp Commander Christian Lee was contacted about aiding this family cemetery.

There is interest in placing memorial crosses, restoring the old markers and placing new headstones for Confederate veterans buried there. Among the sons of Ruiz and Herrera that were members of the Medina Guards CSA, are men who served under Santos Benavides, RIP Ford and Alfred Marmaduke Hobby. We have identified 9 Confederate Tejano’s and have evidence of 6 more.

Cemetery and city officials have also offered us a marble plinth to erect our own Confederate monument and we will commission a custom 6ft – 8ft bronze statue of a Tejano Confederate soldier. Our goal is to get as many people & organizations to partner with us as possible so all our brother and sister historical societies can share in this amazing opportunity.

Sons of Confederate Veterans, Alamo City Guards Camp 1325