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This is not a gentle request; it’s a battle cry for your commitment and action. The Flauta Festival is upon us, and we’re presented with a chance to support our camp, recruit new blood, and prove our worth. If you’re not there, you’re letting us down.



Why your presence matters:

Camp Support: We’re setting up a battleground, a table showcasing Texas history and our camp’s legacy. Your absence weakens our cause, your presence strengthens it.

Recruitment Blitz: The festival is where warriors are born. We need you to recruit fiercely, to find those who bleed the same passion for Confederate history and community spirit.

Unity in Action: This is the crucible where we forge our unity. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your comrades; let’s demonstrate our unwavering resolve.

If you’re not ready to embrace this opportunity, to stand up for our camp, and to bring new warriors into our ranks, then how effective can you be as a member?

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and let’s make a thunderous impact at the Flauta Festival. We’re not here to fade away; we’re here to conquer and thrive.

Your presence means a lot to us. Join in to support, recruit, and showcase the strength of our camp. Stand with us and make a positive impact together.


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