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Renegade Girl takes place in the late Civil War in 1864 Missouri where she was one of Quantrill’s Raiders and then took on a shifty-eyed Indian, White Cloud, (no, seriously there’s this whole montage scene of him shifting his eyes back and forth maniacally. I. kid. you. not.) out to massacre her after they murdered her family, and she was constantly running from small units of the Yankee Cavalry, as well as members of her own gang. -Karen Eliot Archive .org
We’re raising money to save, commission or rebuild southern monuments across Dixie! Here are three very important missions happening across the Confederation.
Sons of Confederate Veterans – Alamo City Guards Camp #1325 Commissioning quite possibly the first monument to the Tejano Confederate Soldier.
Gordonsville Grays SCV Camp #2301 is commissioning a 21′ Robert E. Lee based on the sculpture that was desecrated by Ralph Northam
Col. Allen R. Witt Camp #615 Sons of Confederate Veterans is building a first of its kind Confederate memorial plaza.

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