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Read before you do

Welcome! Before you make a post, lets give you a quick rundown.

Let’s start with the “Post Title”. Like any good news article, we need a catchy headline!

Post tags are essential, it’s how people find our articles on the internet such as Google and Yahoo!

The antispam thing is just to prevent robots from sending us content. Literally just type 1325 in the box.

Now we’re down to the meat and potatoes. Mmmm, meat and potatoes. Anyways, obviously “Post Content” is your article, we recommend writing it in something like Microsoft Word first then just copy and pasting it in, do not include pictures in your articles.

Speaking of pictures, you must upload one picture, but this is the “Featured Image” of your post. If you look at our news page, you’ll see that every article has a picture associated with it. Keep the pictures cropped to a widescreen format if you can.

As long as you follow those simple little guidelines, you’ll have a complete professional story on

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