Little Red Riding Hood’s Texas Brigade: Chickamauga

By: Christian Lee and Cody Crislip

Beneath Chickamauga’s autumn shroud, where tales are spun,

Little Red Riding Hood’s Brigade, beneath the southern sun.

Through Georgia’s pines, where secrets gently unfold,

Red’s Texans, a saga in crimson and gold.

Little Red, in a hood and draped in Confederate grace,

Marched ‘neath the canopy, in that sacred space.

In Chickamauga’s dance, where the echoes linger still,

Red’s Brigade advanced, on the battlefield’s thrill.

Amongst Brotherton Farm, where destiny drew its line,

Little Red Riding Hood’s Brigade, in the tapestry divine.

Through wooded realms, where the cannon’s voice did soar,

Red’s Texans faced the tempest, their valor to the core.

Little Red, symbolizing resilience in the night,

In Chickamauga’s clash, a beacon shining bright.

Through the tumult they surged, with muskets’ commanding tune,

Red’s Brigade, a Lone Star’s undying boon.

In the haze of Reed’s Bridge and Snodgrass Hill’s crest,

Little Red Riding Hood’s Texans faced the test.

A Lone Star’s legacy, engraved on Chickamauga’s ground,

Red’s Brigade’s valor, in history’s profound.

So let the wind whisper tales of their noble stand,

Little Red’s Brigade, in Chickamauga’s enchanted land.

In the rustling pines, where stories find their way,

Red’s Texas Brigade, their bravery holds sway.

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