Little Red Riding Hood’s Texas Brigade: Gettysburg

By: Christian Lee and Cody Crislip

In the hills of Gettysburg, where echoes of strife resound,

Little Red Riding Hood’s Brigade, with courage unbound.

Red’s Texans in gray, beneath the battle’s stern hood,

Marched with valor, their tale in the blood-soaked wood.


Amidst the fields, where history etched its scar,

Red’s Brigade stood firm, ‘neath the moon and the star.

Little Red, in a cloak and in Confederate gray,

In the crucible of Gettysburg, where brothers lay.


With muskets and courage, they faced a fierce morn,

Little Red Riding Hood’s Brigade, battle-worn.

Through the peach orchard and Wheatfield they strode,

A Lone Star’s defiance on the hallowed road.


The cannon’s thunder, a deadly serenade,

Yet Red’s Texans pressed on, undismayed.

Little Red, a symbol of resilience and grace,

In the tumult of war, a brave, determined face.


Amidst Devil’s Den and the rocks so steep,

They fought for kin, for a promise to keep.

Little Red Riding Hood, a guardian in the strife,

Through the chaos of battle, a beacon of life.


In the twilight of Gettysburg, when shadows grew long,

Red’s Brigade stood steadfast, their anthem a song.

Little Red, a symbol etched in history’s stone,

In the heart of the conflict, a spirit, unshone.

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