Little Red Riding Hood’s Texas Brigade: The Wilderness

By: Christian Lee & Cody Crislip

In the Wilderness, where the forest breathes its tale

Little Red Riding Hood’s Brigade, in the shadowy trail.

Through Virginia’s thicket, where history intertwines,

Red’s Texans, amidst the pines, where destiny aligns.


Little Red, in a cloak and in Confederate might,

Wandered through the Wilderness, beneath the moon’s soft light.

In the tangled brush, where whispers of war unfold,

Red’s Brigade stood steadfast, their story to be told.


The sun-kissed leaves, like embers in the breeze,

Witnessed the march of Texans, under towering trees.

Little Red Riding Hood, a symbol of the brave,

In the Wilderness’ heart, where courage finds its grave.


Battles waged in thickets, where shadows played their part,

Red’s Texans pressed forward with unyielding heart.

Through tangled vines and the undergrowth’s embrace,

They faced the Wilderness, a challenging space.


Little Red, a beacon in the tumultuous green,

A Lone Star’s essence in the unseen.

In the crackling fires of the battle’s domain,

Red’s Brigade, in the Wilderness, etched their name.


Amongst the echoes of muskets and distant cries,

Little Red Riding Hood’s Brigade defies.

Through tangled paths where the wounded lay,

Red’s Texans pressed on, in the Wilderness’ sway.


In the dusk of the day, where shadows grew long,

Little Red’s Brigade, resilient and strong.

Through the Wilderness, their courage unfurled,

Red’s Texas Brigade, in the heart of the world.


So let the winds carry tales of that fierce campaign,

Little Red’s Brigade, in the Wilderness’ domain.

In the whispers of leaves and the forest’s plea,

Red’s Texas Brigade, a timeless legacy.

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