By Christian Lee | Alamo City Guards

The Alamo City Guards couldn’t stay away from each other forever! ūü§† Today, our Camp gathered like we used to before the COVID-19 Lockdowns. We were delighted to be joined by friends and compatriots alike from Texas and beyond; In attendance were Commander of the Lonestar Grey’s camp 1953 & 6th Brigade First Lieutenant Commander, 1Lt. John McCammon, Ensign Nick Cammaroto, Chief of Staff of The Francis S. Bartow Camp #93 in Savannah, Georgia, Mrs. Jean Lane and Mrs. Deborah Knippa of the United Daughters of The Confederacy, as well as several guests of our membership. Chaplain Kevin Knippa led those present in prayer with his invocation & benediction, and compatriot Warrington Lee Austerman brought news of monument protection bills needing our collective support! Lastly, we held Camp Elections for the Command Staff. La Fonda Alamo Heights was a wonderful dining experience; Excellent fare, attentive service, and a warm atmosphere for all. A great camp meeting was had, with a fitting cap: The annual toast to General Robert E. Lee. As we prepared to part, Edwin Walker led us in singing Dixie, and we all bid farewell for now to our good many friends.

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