On the first Thursday of the month, the Alamo City Guards Camp 1325 hosts historical and educational lectures for their members though the general public is encouraged to attend. We had 14 in attendance, consisting of officers, members and friends of the camp and between 6-12 joined us via our live stream.

Martin Callahan was presented with the Superior Achievement Award for his excellence in photography and his ability to capture those perfect moments on film. Many of the images submitted by the Alamo City Guards to the Confederate Veteran magazine are pictures he took. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Martin was finally able to confidently join us again to the exultation of the camp.

Yancey Swearingen is on his way to becoming camp recruiter of the year, breaking a 3 way tie for first place. Our new recruit will be a great asset to the camp. There is still time for you to earn this award but remember, the clock’s ticking!

Our awards committee was appointed with 2nd Lt. Commander Robert May heading the committee. He will be joined by Deborah and Kevin Knippa. They have until May 1st to select their nominees and submit the documents for consideration.

George Wunderlich was an outstanding speaker, very down to Earth 🌎 and knows the banjo better than you know the Alphabet! He talked about finger technique, banjo construction and famous banjo players. And he didn’t stop there. He taught us not only the history of the instrument but the history of the music itself. We are very fortunate to have had such a successful evening.

La Fonda Alamo Heights is owed a debt of gratitude for providing us with top notch accommodations. Along with their exceptional staff, the meeting room is perfect. It has all the amenities one could need to put on professional meetings such as ours. They have been kind and courteous to our camp and its guests and the consistency of the food and flavors makes us feel right at home.

Did you miss the lecture? Watch now at facebook.com/alamocityguards1325

Until next time, Alamo City Guards. Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall.

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