Cranky Yankee Heritage Haters
By Christian Lee |

Recently, Alamo City Guards Camp #1325 Surgeon Edwin Walker, while attending a fellow Sons of Confederate Veterans camp meeting, encountered one of those “Cranky Yankees” and stood in defense of his heritage.

“Cranky Yankee” is just our term for trolls outside the internet, out in public. They are heritage haters so intolerant of our Mason/Dixon diversity, you can fully expect them to make a scene. These are the same people who hate racists so much they’ll troll a Confederate group with images of Union General Sherman who was literally a racist/bigot himself. There is an irony to these “Cranky Yankees.”

In consideration of safety, it’s critical that our membership and fellow heritage organizations are aware. Our membership deserves transparency and reassurance that meetings are safe and secure.

Through audio provided by Surgeon Walker we were able to hear what occurred the evening in question. I’ve transcribed best I could from the audio and included my assessment.  I commend the camp, officers and attendees. They acted in Gentlemanly accord. They acknowledged and refuted the unwelcome guest respectfully though the woman hardly deserved it.

A high pitched and shrill “Hi!” pierces the air with a tone that proclaimed, ‘I’m here and ready to cause trouble.’

This woman had just barged into a private meeting which is nothing new for Yankee invaders. “I notice you have a Confederate flag up here… Y’all lost [unintelligible], right? Yeah, you did. It’s so cute. It’s so adorable when people are into losing parties. Good for y’all.” She spewed.

I find these “Cranky Yankees” strange because they aren’t any more morally or ethically based than the next person, but they come in with their preconceived notions and harass little old men who like to play dress up and enjoy a particular and significant moment in their history.

Followed by a Macaw like shriek out of nowhere and more unintelligible ramblings laced with profanities, she continued. “Y’all [Expletive] Suck. So, congrats. We’re so proud of you for being, supporting the losers for over 100 years, You [expletive] suck.”

Taking control of the situation, the Commander thanks her for her opinion and asks that they be let alone to finish their dinner.

“No, actually, here’s the fantastic thing, my side won so I actually get to say what I want!” Followed with another shriek. Then another similar expletive.

Surgeon Walker engaged the woman with Confederate Diversity, (Native Americans, Black Confederates) and her reply “Y’all lost.”

“Okay, we lost. So what?” Walker replied, with the camp commander inferring what she is referring to is her version of the War Between the States.

I commend the commander on that, he’s right. Her taught perspective led to her perception of our organization. Stereotypes perpetuated about us are leading to prejudice. And prejudice most always leads to discrimination. As a historical society, the public should recognize as such before a confrontation occurs.

She continued her escapade, “No, it’s not actually the version, that’s actually the reason I live in the United States of America instead of the Confederate States of America. Y’all lost! I think it’s so cute, it’s so cute when y’all pick the losing side to back.” Followed by yet another expletive.

“It’s called being respectful,” Walker interjected. He finished by saying, “apparently, you have no respect for anything.”

Management quickly came to escort the disturbance out of the private dining area and off the premises and the meeting adjourned.

Never forget, that we are a diverse nation and an equally diverse organization. We have northern heritage, we have southern heritage, we have regional heritage, and we have state heritage. All different individuals from big cities, small towns and rural country living. Camps have every right to exist and be represented in public without being accosted by “Cranky Yankees.” Without Confederate history and heritage, we become an America void of true diversity.

Do not let this one affair dissuade you from going out, attending meetings and waving your banners. It is our duty to our ancestors to be bold and strong, not shirk away from adversity remaining silent and hiding in the shadows. We must continue to be public about our meeting places and promote ourselves on our local events calendars. Especially publications whose editors you’d label “Cranky Yankees.”

No, they may not cover your news, and they may not list your event, but they know you exist. Constantly working to open our detractors’ eyes to make them see that, in this era of cultural diversity and everyone deserving of representation, they are the illiberal ones, blinded by intolerance and self-righteous dogma.

Our SCV Constitution states we are non-political, non-racial, non-sectarian as an organization, while our members are diverse politically, racially and religiously as were the Forces of the Confederate States. We are the gatekeepers to this knowledge, well versed enough in our history to engage our opposition and win with words rather than perpetuating stereotypes and hurling verbal vitriol.

Though an isolated incident, we must always remain prepared to live the Charge in the face of adversity. Only we can prevent historical misconceptions. Stand proud, steadfast and firm in your history and heritage. As coined by the late President John F. Kennedy, echoed by Presidents Reagan and Obama, and today asserted by Sons of Confederate Veterans Lieutenant Commander in Chief Jason Boshers, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

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