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The Rebel Joan Of Arc 2721 Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, invited the SCV Camp of Major General Patrick Cleburne’s 7th Texas Infantry to accompany them as their guest on this unique opportunity to tour this fabulous private collection. No words can describe this AWESOME Experience!
The Party first gathered and dined at the King Ranch Texas Kitchen in their private dining room. Lunch location was organized by RJOA PRESIDENT JENNY LEHR.
The Tour of the Private Collection was set up by RJOA ELAINE COLLINGS, friend of the owners.


Here are Mr. Gossetts words below:


In 1776, 54 great men gathered to sign what we call “The Declaration of Independence”. These honorable and brave men knew, by doing so, they were putting themselves and their families in great danger. But these men believed in God,.. and in Freedom ,…and wanted to secede from the tyranny of King George the III of Great Britain, making the 13 Colonies, a separate nation. These men like Edward Rutledge, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Lyman Hall, Thomas Jefferson, and John Hancock, were not leading a revolution as we mistakenly call the War of 1776, but a Secession. We only wanted to separate ourselves from Great Britain, NOT over throw the government of Great Britain. General George Washington led this secession with his great Generals, Israel Putnam, Marion “The Swamp Fox” Francis, General William Sterling, Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne, Gen. Light Horse Harry Lee, Gen. Nathaniel Greene, Gen. Thaddaeus Cook,… and many more,… led thousands of brave American soldiers to fight for Freedom. Over 25,000 Men died,… in this War for Independence from Great Britain.
Again in 1812 almost 20,000 men died fighting a second war with Great Britain to solidify our Freedom. Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the “Star Spangle Banner” while watching Fort McHenry in the Baltimore harbor, being bombarded by the British, and witnessing the Great red, white and blue United States Flag, with 15 Stars and 15 Stripes, still flying.
In 1836, The Great Northern Province of Mexico,… which came to be called “The Great State of Texas”,… fought for its freedom and independence from the tyrannical government of Santa Anna. Great men like Col David Crockett, Col. William Barret Travis, Gen. Sam Houston, Maribeau B Lamar, Sidney Johnson, Juan Seguin, and Green B Jamison,… again led brave soldiers in the Battle of Gonzales, The Alamo, The Massacre at Goliad,… and the Final Victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. All these brave men believed in freedom,… and wanted to secede from the tyranny of Mexico, and many died fighting for this freedom.
In 1861 thru 1865 over 600,000 men and women died fighting,.. for the principles they believed in. Most people today believe this war was fought over slavery, but in reality the brave soldiers of the Confederacy were fighting for States Rights,… and Freedom from a tyrannical government. General’s Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, James Longstreet, John Bell Hood, JEB Stewart and many more, led courageous soldiers to fight to secede from a government,… they did not agree with.
In 1917, In WWI, 116,000 men and women died fighting the tyranny of the Axis Powers,… led by Germany and Kaiser Wilhelm the II. Again,… Americans were willing to sacrifice their lives for Freedom, fighting under great men like General Black Jack Pershing.
In 1941, in WWII, over 407,000 men and women died fighting for Freedom again from Germany under an evil dictator, named Adolf Hitler. General’s Ike Eisenhour , Douglas Mac Author, George Patton, and more,… led in this fight to protect our Freedom.
In the Korean War, Viet Nam War, Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq, many thousands more mighty Soldiers sacrificed and died, fighting for Freedom.
There is a great saying by an unknown author that goes like this….”PITY THE NATION THAT HAS NO HEROES,…. BUT SHAME ON THE NATION THAT DOES NOT REMEMBER IT’S HEROES!!!!!!!!”.
So this is why I collect the autographs and memorabilia of the Heroic Men and Women that sacrificed so much for Freedom of this Great Nation… keep their memories alive, and to pass them on to generations to come. Were these men perfect??? Of course not. Only our Lord Jesus Christ was perfect. But these were men of great Honor and Integrity, and are the foundation of our Nation. Hopefully, we have many Heroes in our future.
Chuck Gossett


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