Robert E. Lee: Mankind’s Final Fight by Christian Lee and Cody Crislip

In the vast expanse of the universe, countless civilizations have risen and fallen, each with their unique histories and conquests. However, few can match the sheer scale and audacity of Sherminion’s conquest of Earth. This extraterrestrial overlord and his armies descended upon the planet, their advanced technology and ruthless tactics quickly overwhelming Earthling defenses.
Sherminion’s Epic Takeover of Earth
The invasion began with a blinding flash of light, as a massive spacecraft descended upon the planet. The Sherminion armies emerged, and the battle for Earth began. Their weapons were unlike anything Earth had ever seen, energy beams that could vaporize entire cities in seconds. The Earthlings fought, but they were no match for Sherminion’s technological superiority. The Earthlings hadn’t known war, hostility or violence for many millennia. Within days, the major cities had fallen, and the people were forced to flee in terror. Only patches of rebel resistance remained.
A Cosmic Conquest: Sherminion Reigns Supreme
With Earth firmly under his control, the Sherminion began to turn their attention to the rest of the galaxy. Its armies planned to sweep across the stars, conquering countless civilizations and adding them to their vast empire. Its subjects trembled at the name, and their enemies were to be swiftly crushed under their heel. The Sherminion rule their domain with an iron fist, expanding their empire and consolidating their power.
From the Stars to Our Soil: Sherminion’s Galactic Triumph
Yet, even as Sherminion’s empire expanded, they never forgot their conquest of Earth. Our planet remained a symbol of their power, a testament to their superiority over all other civilizations. They left vast scars and ruins to celebrate their victory, and their armies patrolled our skies, keeping the survivors in a constant state of fear.
The Sherminion’s conquest of Earth is a warning to all civilizations of the dangers of hubris and aggression. We cannot forget the lessons of our past, or the sacrifices of those who fought and died to defend this world. As we look up at the stars, we must remember that we are but a small part of a vast and mysterious universe, filled with wonders and dangers beyond our imagining. And we must always be prepared to defend ourselves against any threat, no matter how great or small.
For years, we lived under his shadow, until finally, a small band of scientists cloned a hero from the genetic DNA of the greatest soldier who ever lived. The Sherminion’s would not be allowed to triumph over humanity for long.
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Authors Christian Lee and Cody Crislip are the Commander and 1st Lieutenant Commander of the Alamo City Guards Camp 1325, the oldest, continually active Sons of Confederate Veterans camp in San Antonio, TX. 
They enjoy writing, directing and producing documentaries and fiction. They also own and operate their own multimedia production company which live streams lectures, public events and more.

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