Robert E Lee Awakens

The clone of Robert E Lee, the Cyberpunk Warrior, slowly opened his eyes and looked around, taking in his new surroundings. The scientists had been waiting for him to wake up, and they immediately began filling him in on everything he had missed.

Dr. Taylor: “RE, can you hear me? You’ve been asleep for a very long time. My name is Doctor Mary Anne Taylor.”

RE: “Where am I? What’s going on?”

Dr. Taylor: “We cloned you, RE. We are in desperate need of a warrior who could fight back against the Sherminions.”

RE: “The Sherminions? Cloned me? What are you talking about?”

They explained to him that they were in the 43rd century and that the world he knew was long gone. They told him about the extraterrestrials and their conquest, and how they had destroyed almost everything on Earth.

Two Millennia Gone

RE was shocked to learn that over 2000 years had passed since Lee’s spirit had been conscious, and that the world he knew had been destroyed by an alien invasion. The Sherminions sounded like a formidable foe, and he couldn’t believe that they had managed to destroy almost everything on Earth.

Dr. Taylor: “RE, I know this is all a lot to take in, but there’s one more thing you need to know. We didn’t just clone you out of thin air. We took a sample of General Robert E Lee’s remains from the tomb at Washington Lee University, one of the last places still intact after the invasion.”

RE: “A warrior’s remains? Please, help me make this make sense.”

Assistant: “When Lee died, his body was preserved in a tomb. We were able to extract DNA from his remains and used that to replicate you.

RE: “I had no idea that was even possible. How did you manage to do it?”

Dr. Taylor: “Advancements in science and technology have come a long way since your time, RE. We were able to use a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer to create an embryo with your DNA. It replicated an almost exact version of the general from his memories to his overall characteristics.”

RE: “Wow. I can’t believe it. So, I’m not really the same Robert E Lee who lived over 2000 years ago?”

Assistant: “Well, you have the same DNA as the Robert E Lee who lived in the 19th century, but you’re also the product of the cloning process and the cybernetic enhancements we’ve added. You’re a new version of Lee. A repeat, so to speak. You are Robert E Lee, Cyberpunk Warrior. We just call you the prefix, RE.”

Cybernetic Enhancements

They also told him about the cybernetic enhancements they had implanted into his body, which would allow him to fight like never before.

RE listened intently, taking in all the information. He was amazed by the advancements in technology and science, and the fact that his essence was alive once again. He felt a sense of duty to use his skills to protect this new world he found himself in.

The scientists showed him the weapons he would be using, and how to operate them with his neural interface. They also gave him a crash course on the alien’s technology and tactics, so he would be better prepared for the fight ahead.

Assistant: “The cybernetic enhancements we’ve implanted into your body are designed to enhance your physical abilities. They’ll allow you to move faster, hit harder, and react quicker than any human could.”

RE: “That sounds incredible. How does it work?”

Dr. Taylor: “The enhancements are controlled by a neural interface that’s been implanted into your brain. It will allow you to control your body in ways that were previously impossible.”

RE: “I see. And how do I use this technology to fight the Sherminions?”

Assistant: “We’ve also developed weapons that are specifically designed to work with your cybernetic enhancements. They’ll allow you to take down the Sherminions with ease.”

As RE prepared to step out of the laboratory, he felt a sense of apprehension mixed with excitement. He was ready to take on the Sherminions and defend this new world. With the odds against him, but his determination to do whatever it took to save Earth and its people became resolute.

Robert E Lee: The Beta Test

Suddenly, an alert blared over the loudspeaker, jolting the group out of their moment of reflection. The message was clear: the scientific colony was under attack by raiders, and they had to act fast to defend themselves.

Dr. Taylor: “RE, we have a problem. Raiders are approaching the colony and we don’t have any weapons to defend ourselves.”

RE: “What can we do then?”

Dr. Taylor: “We are a pacifist community, there hasn’t been war or a need for violence in over two millennia. Perhaps we can try to negotiate with them. RE, this is a chance for you to demonstrate your skills in diplomacy and mediation. If that fails, you have clearance to test your abilities to the fullest.”

A small group of negotiators who left the safety of the colony’s walls to speak with the regiment of raiders accompanied by RE. The situation was tense, as the raiders had demanded the colony surrender all their supplies or face brutal consequences.

The colonists tried to reason with the raiders, explaining that they were a peaceful community and had no desire for conflict. They offered to share their resources in exchange for a peaceful resolution. However, the raiders remained stubborn and refused to consider any peaceful solution.

First Impressions

That’s when RE stepped forward, his presence commanding attention. The cybernetic enhancements he had received made him stand out among the others, and he radiated an aura of confidence and strength.

RE’s sudden appearance surprised Kane, the raider leader. They had never seen anything like the weapons he carried. Kane himself came forward to confront RE, “Who are you and what business do you have here?”

RE radiating an aura of confidence and strength replied, “I am a clone of the Confederate General Robert E Lee, the Cyberpunk Warrior and I have been brought back to life to defend this world from the alien invaders. Who are you?”

Kane sneered, “I am Kane, leader of these raiders. We have been surviving on our own in this harsh new world. We don’t need some resurrected relic telling us what to do.”

Despite RE’s best efforts, the raiders remained adamant and refused to listen to reason. Kane refused to consider any peaceful solution, showing his hard-headedness. Kane scoffed at RE’s attempts to reason with him and decided to test RE’s mettle. He challenged RE to one-on-one combat, the winner would take all.

Combat and Resolution

Kane watched from a distance as his best raider stepped forward to face off against the cyberpunk warrior. The raider was a giant of a man, towering over RE by at least a foot. He carried a massive battle-axe in his hand and wore a suit of thick armor that covered most of his body.

The raider charged forward, swinging his axe with all his might. RE dodged the attack with ease, his cybernetic enhancements giving him speed and agility far beyond that of a normal human. He countered with a swift kick to the raider’s midsection, sending him stumbling back.

The raider recovered quickly and swung his axe once more, this time aiming for RE’s head. But RE was too quick. He ducked under the attack and delivered a devastating uppercut to the raider’s jaw, knocking him off his feet.

In disbelief, Kane witnessed his champion being taken down with ease. He had never seen anyone move like RE before, with such speed and precision. He realized that this was not just any ordinary warrior, but a force to be reckoned with.

The Blitzkrieg

Humiliated, Kane ordered the other raiders to charge forward, hoping to overwhelm RE with their numbers. But RE was unfazed. He moved like a blur, taking out one raider after another with his cybernetically-enhanced strength and lightning-fast reflexes.

Kane watched as his men fell one by one, unable to stand up to the cyberpunk warrior’s relentless assault. He knew he had to act fast if he wanted to have any chance of defeating RE.

Kane charged forward, wielding a massive hammer in his hand. He swung the weapon with all his might, hoping to crush RE’s skull. But RE was ready for him. He sidestepped the attack and delivered a powerful punch to Kane’s gut, sending him reeling.

Kane stumbled back, gasping for air. He had never been hit that hard before. He realized that he had underestimated RE, and that was a mistake he would pay for dearly.

RE took advantage of Kane’s moment of weakness and delivered a swift kick to his knee, sending him crashing to the ground. He then stood over Kane, ready to deliver the final blow.

Kane looked up at this relic of the past, this Robert E Lee now a Cyberpunk Warrior, his eyes filled with fear and desperation. He knew that he was no match for the cyberpunk warrior, and that this battle was over before it even began. With one swift blow, RE knocked the raider commander out cold. Seeing their leader defeated, the raiders quickly retreated to their base dragging Kane’s unconscious body away with them.

The Conclusion

RE returned to the confines of the colony victorious, breathing heavily from the intense battle. He knew that this was only the beginning of his fight for the soul of the earth, and that there were many more battles to come. But he was ready for whatever lay ahead, his cybernetic enhancements and his indomitable spirit driving him forward.

Robert E Lee the Cyberpunk Warrior
By Christian Lee & Cody Crislip

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